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Aliens & Art in Downtown Fremont

Publication Date : 10/10/2018 00:45:49

Author : Mandy Burris

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For the past few years Fremont has hosted an Arts and Music Festival. This year they changed the theme a little to include a few things from “the unknown” (insert X-Files music here). The official name of the festival this year was “The Crop Circle Art & Music Festival”. 

Chalk 3

There was art and music just like past years, but what made this event unique was the UFO arts and crafts; even the professional artists that came for the event got in on the UFO fun, which was totally cool.
Eamon King brought his glass blowing equipment and made an extraterrestrial sculpture during the afternoon, and we saw him starting on a new piece that he was actually blowing towards the end.

Glass 1    Glass 2

Chalk artist Caroline Jardine had some fun and incredible alien cartoon art on the streets and sidewalks, and Isaac Klunk had a good crowd for his caricatures.

Chalk 4

Chalk 1    Chalk 2

Caricature 2    caricature 1

The visitors and the locals had ample opportunities at the festival to express themselves through arts and crafts. There were miniature murals they could paint, and chalk all over the sidewalks so that they could create their own masterpieces (on every walking surface in downtown). There were also crafts like yarn bombing, God’s Eye crafts, spaceship art, and Spirograph and pendulum painting. The kids really seemed to enjoy the available crafts and there was even a face painting booth, which was busy! Throughout the afternoon, after most of the tents cleared out from the Farmer’s Market, there were still kids using the sidewalk chalk while listening to the live music.

Activity 1    Activity 3

Activity 2

What would a festival be without photo opportunities? ​The Crop Circle Festival had handmade murals with face cutouts. The murals were things like aliens in spaceships and cows being abducted. They were super fun, and of course they were popular with the crowds.

Face cutout 1    Face cutout 2

There were musical performances all day long at the festival. Some of the single musicians were Jason Meyers, M. Moody, and The Lost State of Franklin. A traditional Japanese drumming group (Kazenodaichi Taiko Drummers) came from Bowling Green, and the Terra State Community College had several of their groups perform during the afternoon.


Terra Band

Events like this allow you to see the talent that blooms in your own backyard! The musicians and artists were so good they took your breath away, and inspired you all at once. I love watching an artist make perfectly straight crisp lines. I love seeing the passion, sweat, and love that goes into one glass sculpture. I especially love​ hearing local musicians getting so into their music that they forget where they are. Seeing such joy being brought by the arts is beautiful, and I LOVE IT!

Now I’m sad to say that the evening’s festivities were cancelled due to thunderstorms. There were some pretty cool things on the schedule, but maybe next time we will have better weather! In spite of the heat and the rain, it was a great day, and a really great experience! Remember to support your local artists and musicians and encourage them to keep growing and learning. **And don’t forget to shop local!**

Watch for future events coming to Downtown Fremont, you can keep up with what’s happening by visiting:


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