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167th Annual Sandusky County Fair

Publication Date : 09/10/2019 16:00:19

Author : Mandy Burris

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It’s that time of year again. The summer winds down and life begins to take on the familiar school days feel. Schedules are made, supplies are bought, and kids look forward to one last hoorah of summer before being caged in a classroom for another nine months. In Sandusky County, Ohio that last hoorah always comes in the form of the county fair.

Everyone looks forward to the Sandusky County Fair for different reasons. Young and old we have our favorite fair things. Kids LOVE the rides and the games while adults love to see all of the fascinating projects and collections/antiques. We all, however, have one thing in common when it comes to things we look forward to at the fair, and that’s the food.  There are treats for all the senses at the fair, but young and old alike line up at the various food trucks, tents and structures to purchase their favorite treats.

Caramel Apples

The Sandusky County Fair always has great entertainment lined up for the week, so there’s never a dull moment during your visit. Between music on the log cabin stage and beer garden stage, the grandstand events and the grounds shows, you can really find something for everyone. This year the fair welcomed Cirque Mundial and Team Zoom to entertain kids and families, while the music stages hosted local talent and big names alike. The grandstand had the traditional races and demo derby, as well as the tractor pull, rodeo and pig scramble.

Circus 1   Team Zoom 1

4-H kids have a ton of things to do during the week. Many families camp at the fairground’s campground throughout the summer, so they are close to all the action. The planned events that the 4-H-ers get to be a part of make me wish that I was back in 4-H myself! They have cookouts, they get to crown a King and Queen every year, they have a bake-off competition, a dress-up contest for their show animals and square dancing (which the public is welcome to join). All these activities are in addition to their busy show schedule though, so they have a good amount of work and play during the week, not to mention the fact that each 4-H club takes turns manning the ice cream/milkshake stand. The milkshake stand is a long-standing fair tradition that most people hit at least once while visiting the fair.

4-H Milkshakes

The fair food, as per usual, was excellent. Each day we were there we chose something a little different to eat. Between the Lakota Young Farmers cooking fresh burgers and breakfast sandwiches, the Stromboli, the steak and pepper sandwiches, the grilled cheese (by Tim’s Bar and Grill, a GREAT addition to what’s traditionally at the fair every year) the homemade soft pretzels and all the fried things you could imagine – you CAN’T possibly walk away hungry! I’d say the biggest problem is deciding what you want each day. There is one food truck that my husband and I look forward to every year though…Mike’s Cheese is above and beyond fried cheese, and it’s worth every penny. (We’ve been visiting them yearly since they first started in business!) Another MUST at the Sandusky County Fair is at least ONE lemon shakeup while you walk around and French Waffles.

Lemon Shakeup   Cheese Steak


 We experienced the fair in several different ways on different days this year. My niece was able to spend the entire day there with me on opening day, and after seeing most of the things we ended up painting at the Pottery Perfection booth for a couple of hours. (I’m not joking, and we totally had a BLAST!)

Pottery Perfection   Ride 1

Ride 2

 We walked the midway, she rode rides, we ate pretzels, and she pointed out all of her friend’s exhibits. We also visited the exhibit hall where we bought more Lularoe for back to school. (This shopping stop is quickly becoming a yearly tradition for us!)


 We were back at the fair together on Wednesday night to watch a favorite local band in the beer garden (Proskyneo performed from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm).

Marshmallow Structures   2020 Barn


 My husband was able to go to the fair with me on Saturday for the whole afternoon. We were exhausted after visiting all the animals and seeing all the projects and baked goods. We walked through all the tents, visited the Sandusky County Bicentennial Barn in the chamber tent, and made sure to share a lemon shakeup while we meandered through the grounds and exhibits several times over.

Soybeans   PigPig

The fair is such a fun end-of-summer event for us every year. It truly is a last hoorah as school begins and everyone’s schedules become more intense. It’s a time to meet up with friends and ooh and ahh over their projects and talk about what we hope to accomplish for the fair next year. This was my first year entering projects in the fair and it was such a fun challenge and a great experience. The real fun though is in watching the faces of both young and old as they experience all that the fair has to offer them. Kids’ eyes sparkle as they dance down the midway and choose a ride to ride and adults walking hand-in-hand meander through the crowds enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells. This will forever be a fall tradition that is not only welcomed, but looked forward to for us, and I hope you come and join us for the next one.


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